Interesting red card

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If MO can ignore a player snotting on an opponent, this ref could have easily been distracted by something else as that boot trundled past (especially as the ref would know he'd probably just failed to identify SFP)

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Two red cards for me, shocking tackle for starters, easy RC excessive force (these days). I can sort of see his frustration in the ref missing that but can't condone the boot throwing either....... Rabbit in headlights!!
I see a clear red for the tackle that caused the player to throw the boot. But what are we really looking at for the second red for boot throw? I don't see that. At this point, and I am not a world class referee but I would definitely let that one slide for a send-off. I don't see a red for that but the first tackle for sure. The defender in my mind went to injure the player and he needs to be sent off. After that a yellow in my mind. IF the boot made contact I would let that one play on but I believe this referee was in for it. I know that I try to prepare myself the best that I can but I can also see the boot throw going either way.


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I think it's a clear red and won't agree with any argument for yellow but I can see how someone may see it as yellow.

The boot throw very much looks like an act intended to show dissent and displeasure in the earlier decision . Intent to hurt or injur is not there in the boot throw. It is deliberately hit/thrown 'at the ground' (in the referee's direction) and the force is just enough for the boot to reach the referee or just go past him.

Having said that, intent, the fact the player is injured and the foul that injured him were missed are very small factors here. He has committed an act in anger which is seen as an act of violance towards the referee. Contact is irrelevant and if that is not dealt with a red card, a precedence is set for the rest of the game.