Instructions to assistants?


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You mean this thread? :p

To be honest, when briefing CAR's i keep it as simple as possible, dont tell them any more than you need to, as to be honest, most dont really want to do it anyway

With NAR's, i did have a laminate that i used to hand out, but to be fair it went along the lines of
"Youre referees, just with a flag. If you see it, give it, i dont want first bite, just be mindful that i may want to play advantage, so eye contact is key."

There is obviously more to it than above, but i dont like to lecture, and to be honest, never really had NAR's that often :(
Yes thats the one! I have just merged them now :)

Ryan Owens

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When I'm working with a neutral AR, I usually skip the usual "follow the second last opponent" etc nonesense as anyone assigned a match should know that by now. Instead, my team and I have a conversation about what we expect from the two teams: what tactics do they employ; who are the trouble players; who are the star players that might be victims of tactical fouls; what are the kinds of fouls these two teams tend to commit respectively (some teams like those lower body hip checks, others like grabbing etc); are there any other considerations we should have in mind when we go forward with the match? I find that after this, we're all on the same page, we know what we're looking for and we're more prepared for the match.