How far do you typically run when in the middle or as an AR?


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I’ve always been described as “hard working” in my observations.
I average 5.6 miles per middle according to my Apple Watch but my top 5 games are as pictured.

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I have my doubts about the accuracy of all smart watches when it comes to refereeing. I'm sure there's significant differences between brands/models. Your numbers sound quite low James. I measure in miles, but since passing the fitness test, my Step 6/7 low has been 5.3, high of 6.1 and average of 5.8
I also count how many times my watch records speeds of 12.5 mph and over. My low for this has been 11 and max of 21
(flat out 17.5mph is rarely detected). 4G skews the numbers also, as does a really heavy pitch
But then I hear one or two other Refs quoting numbers a lot higher than this, suggesting their watches are way over or they're including warm-up or something. I think the numbers are of some interest, not least as my averages have shot up this year with higher fitness and demand from games

This reminds me of a ref who's line I was on at an academy match who took great delight in telling us how he was doing 12km a game. Let's just say he was a more rotund chap who never got close to a sprint. Either he was telling alot of lies or his smart watch wasn't particularly smart
Interestingly, I had the potential to score 'below standard' for 'P&M' at 7-to-6 and 6-to-5, but I've now scored very well for the same thing at 5-to-4 without really making any changes to my movement (aside from increased distance on consistently full size pitches)