Futsal season kicks off today

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...for me with a tournament. Leagues start in two weeks.

Today I have ended up with three matches, the 3rd to 8th place play offs, all with 2 of us officiating.
Could go either way - could be meaningless, but also could be a bit of a baptism of fire, depending on how my friends and "yesterday's refs" have handled things...
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Dont let what yesterdays referees got up to effect your game..
just you go out and referee your games to the best of your ability
...took me 10 mins to get my arms moving! Games were fast and a little furious. In the first the reds were just too clumsy and conceded two long penalties, which were both scored. They lost 4-1 and soured it with some choice words to my oppo after. It was 25 mins cup futsal with no break between matches so one lucky player missed out on the joy of a red card after the whistle because we didn't have time - and it was their last game.

One game was cancelled as the team had had enough. The last game was much better and I presided over a tense 5-4 penalty shoot out after a 1-1. Nothing much to report. Just trying to take the good things from my 11-a-side season (getting better all the time at letting the players know about clean tackles and what I have seen, and more proactive stuff for futsal on e.g. use of the hands) and remembering all those futsal quirks;)