Fulham v Oldham

That's a disgusting dive and I'm appalled that the VAR didn't overturn it.
But it's because there's this stupid notion that it can't be considered a dive if there's contact. Like hell it can't.

If there's minimal contact on the toe, he falls over like his legs have been swept from under him and goes down clutching his knee, it's a dive. This is exactly what VAR should be overturning.

It's a clear and obvious error for me. If VAR can't overturn this then what's the point?


RefChat Addict
I can just imagine the conversation between AT and VAR. "Is there contact?", "Yep". "That's all I need to know". Was it a square up penalty? I hope not from a referee at that level.

There should have at least been an OFR. It wouldn't have been a foul in a non-contact sport.