Found a ****chafer tonight


Level 4 Referee
Level 4 Referee
Missus called me in the room after a shower, told me there was a massive bug thing behind the (now drawn) blind.

Obviously thought she was having me on, so did the whole 'this is a joke and there'll be something silly behind the blind' slow check...

Couldn't see anything at first but then on the windowsill, in the corner, there it was.

Biggest bug I've seen in the flesh, on its back, looked practically dead.

Flicked it over, it limped it's way around until I could get it contained and out into the garden.

Bloody big things, anyone else any experience of them?
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Yes, also known as May Bugs often out and about in... well, this time of year.

I remember lying in bed when I was younger and heard this scratching noise. Flicked the bedside light on and found myself nose to antennae with one. Practically soiled the bed 😂