Flags - Why diamond and chequer


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Afternoon folks,

Does anyone know the origins of the classic design of AR flags ie one diamond flag and one flag chequered with four squares?
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I'm not sure on why they're that colour specifically, however chequered with 4 squares in the UK will mean senior assistant often, and a blank flag will mean the assistant who isn't on the bench side.

Diamond flags are more often used outside of the UK if my memory serves me correctly
I think it was mainly for being able to identify who is who.
In programmes it was often printed AR1NAME yellow and red flag AR2NAME yellow flag.
Exactly that. It always used to mandatory that the senior AR takes the quadrant flag and the other plain yellow. Wasn't without issues as clubs often printed in the program who had each flag, using the assumption that the first listed AR was senior which wasn't always the case.