My first game was an u14 division 2 game reds v whites started off easy game kicked off a little late my fault as I called players in late. I was letting go little touches on players I wanted the game to flow, first half 1-1, second half started home team scored to go 2-1 up 30 mins to go 5
Mins late away team does a long ball to there right winger and Lino calls it offside I overruled It as I can see the player was onside and which the away team score from 2-2 away team go on and score 3 more goals making it 3-5 last minute I award a penalty to home team for a shove in the box they score 5-3 ft whistle is blown

game number 2
U14 blacks v reds division 1 game kicked off late because of my first game game started home team scored 1-0 very rough two teams very rough I kept letting little Niggels go and I was finding it hard to see if the ball went out of play, one player picked up the ball thinking it went out of play I said no and gave a free kick to the opposition nothing came from it seccond half home team score again then away team and I had the home team manager calling the linesman a Cheat for calling offsides I didn’t know watt to say to that but had a word for him to calm down 15
Mins to go away team score 2-1 the again 2-2 and it stays that way I also then gave a player a yellow for a push that makes him fall over coach’s kept saying foul ref penalty ref I was ignoring him.

Any feedback welcomed

Tino Best

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I wouldnt lose too much sleep about starting late. Good call for speaking to the manager but next time warn him and say if you do that again i am sending you from the touchline. Managers always think you are wrong on penalty decisions apart from the ones who get the decision. If you find a coach is being too loud about your decisions go over to the touchline and tell him your reffing the game not him and please stop this behaivour or you will deal with it in an appropiate way.
sounds like you did well in your games. Good for getting out the yellow.


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Good game reports Alfie. It would be good if you write about the areas you think you need help in so we can comment on it.

1st game I don't see much I can comment on except that you sound confident and that would definitely help you on the field. You understand the issue with starting late and you can avoid it for next time.

Game 2, if the teams are being rough and it is getting out of hand then one approach is to call every little foul and all 50-50s for about 10 minutes. Players will get the message and become less physical, then you can let the game flow and ignore the little ones unless they start again.
Any coach calling me or any of mt ARs a cheat, I wont respond to his comment. Just show him the gate and ask him to get behind the fence (or into the spectators depending on the ground). Its very offensive and an insult to your assistant's integrity.
Coaches who constantly ask for free kicks should be dealt with. At the start you 'ask' them nicely at an stoppage to cool it and let you do the refereeing. If it continues you 'tell' them if they don't curb their behaviour you will have no option but to dismiss him from the area. If he does continue then you do exactly as you said you would.

The process for games running running late is different from league to league. Where I am, if a game starts late (except the last game of the day) both halves are cut short by equal amounts so the next game can start on time. Find out what the correct process is in your area and follow it. Sometimes games not starting on time is out of your hand.


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What works for me during youth matches that are getting a little too physical is calling more fouls. Especially if you can do it in the first 10 to 15 minutes of the match. Call pretty much any unfair contact into the back and even the little kicks where the player stumbles but keeps going. If it's done correctly, you can usually loosen up afterwards. If the players/coaches complain, just tell them to stop kicking each other and you'll call fewer fouls.