Entering the FOP without permission


One season in a game, a hot sticky day and very humid,at one point a blue 6 asked if he could get a drink off field(keeper was retrieving a ball kicked into next county) i said yes to which he left the field but stood on the line.Suddenly the keeper punted the ball up field toward where blue 6 was standing,he suddenly ran onto the pitch bottle in hand to chase the ball.I blew the whistle to stop play and cautioned him for entering the field of play without permission.He then preceded to call me a F****** ****, to which i cautioned him with a second yellow then a red.
After the game his manager said that you cant book a player for having a drink in this weather to which i informed him why i cautioned him then sent him off.Then the manager said "oh! for f***s sake ref,what the f*** for"
To which i then told him he would be reported..... Respect? what respect!! none whatsover
A&H International
You created your own problem there. Firstly have players remain in the field of play close to the sideline when having drinks. If it is a hot day, formally stop the game, publicly make it known that all players can get a drink if they want to. Chance for the ref to rehydrate a little also. Restart the game with a whistle.

If the keeper manages an unexpected restart go with common sense and have a retake.

It doesn't condone the behaviour of the player or manager, but it could have been avoided. And +1 what padfoot said. That's a straight red.
The Blue 6 was about 2 foot inside the touchline when his manager shouted bottle to which he threw it back,no player near him so i just blew for coming back on without permission,sorry should have added that............