Do I have to put every match I do on WGS?

HI everyone, fairly new referee (10 Games) officiating at junior football at resent.Have coached within junior football though for around 12 years so I would say I have been able to learn so much from the good referees my teams have had over the years and even more from the not so good ones.

Anyway my question is regarding the whole game system. In the small number of games I've had so far, just 1 yellow and 1 red which I have entered into the WGS. I've noticed though that there is an option to put no incidents during the match.

My question is, am I expected to put details of every match I officiate at on there even when there have been no incidents?

Many thanks

Tino Best

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I used too but then got bored with fighting with WGS so only log my cautions etc, its not often I get a game I can't put on it


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Personally I do, preference just so I have a backup record of my games. Though seeing as it doesn't ask for things like scoreline, or other non-card giving events, I tend to prefer my own dashboard to be updated as well