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Users understand that RefChat and its hosts only act as the publisher of the classified service and will not be held liable for products offered or information displayed in the forum. All information displayed in the forum is the sole responsibility of the posting member. Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware!

RefChat, at it's sole discretion, review, edit and/or remove any advert without the permission of the advert publisher.​

If you have a problem with a transaction, we urge you to contact a Moderator before "going public" but please be aware that we do not offer any guarantees. Your use of RefChat's Classifieds is subject to your acceptance that RefChat is not liable for any losses you may suffer.​

The Basics​
- Nothing illegal under UK law. If an item cannot legally be sold to people below a certain age, it is the seller's responsibility to verify the age of the buyer.​

- No pornography.​

- No post wrecking:​
If you don't like the price someone wants, move on.​
If you're not interested, don't bother posting.​
"That price is too high" comments will be deleted and warned​
"I can get them on ebay for less" comments will be deleted and warned.​

- Once an item is sold, please PM a member of staff, and they will close the thread. Please do not re-use old threads when you have new items to sell, start a new one instead.​

- Stay on topic - PM/Start a new thread within another section if you wish to discuss something non related to the sale with the seller.​

- Sellers must guarantee that all products and equipment offered are real, descriptions and prices are accurate and include true to life photos as needed. RefChat and its hosts will not be liable for any information posted in the forum.​

- Sellers are under no obligation to accept "dibs". Although it is expected that a seller will accept the first offer that meets their asking price, it is not a requirement for sellers to wait for people to see if they have the cash etc. For example - if A calls "first dibs" but does not make a firm offer, and B comes along offering to pay immediately, the seller is free to take B's confirmed offer. Of course, sellers can choose to honour "dibs" at their own discretion.​

- The RefChat Classifieds is not an auction service. If you wish to hold an auction, please go to www.ebay.co.uk

- Update: 17th June 2013 - To be able to post a for sale/wanted ad, you must have made at least 5 posts in other parts of the forum. You will still be able to reply to others ads though.


The RefChat Moderation Team will enforce these rules, and take any necessary actions to enforce these guidelines. Violators of these rules will be removed from the Classifieds section and may be banned from the RefChat website.​

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact any of the Moderation Team with a Private Message, we will try to answer you in a timely fashion.​
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