Blood pressure for fitness tests


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Where does everyone go to complete their blood pressure readings ahead of the fitness test which doesn't cost?

Last year my GP charged me £40 to get a Doctor to do the reading and sign off the piece of paper that I needed for the test.
A&H International
I did look online and Boots do it, and plenty of other pharmacies do it, and Boots can book online, but not sure of the cost
Bit late to the party, but +Well pharmacies do them for free (at least in my area they do). No need to make an appointment :)

Have the requirements gone this year? Usually I’m faffing around trying to get my BP below 140/90, it’s usually quite stubborn at 142/77ish (I also completely forgot my test was this weekend, looks like I’m going pharmacy hopping today if the requirement is still there). Just had a look at the guidance and can’t see the requirements anywhere!
Test being ran down in Camborne this year on the 30th if you want to get it done earlier than the July test at Brick Fields.
That might be a good shout if I can’t get it sorted today, I’m at the hospital later so I’ll see if one of the nurses has a few mins spare to do it the old fashioned way. Fingers crossed it gets below 🤞