Blew for the GK double touch and....

santa sangria

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I was Ref2 in a game last week, Ref1 is a high level futsal GK and good ref with great attitude - not the best ref movement or signalling - rough diamond but always good decisions and communication.

I always pop a finger when the GK opens play, just in case... and this time the ball makes its way back to the green GK after a long passage... I'm poised... whistle ready... look at my oppo... it's all on... the pass back is heading for the GK... I look up again and blow for the double touch!

Then I move towards the spot for the IDFK, hand up... and I get the strangest look from Ref1... I'm thinking: did he not see it... did he not realise... then I get the strangest look from the keeper... then Ref1 shouts... "he let it go out"! Oh f***. I was so piqued at the prospect of whistling the second touch after such a long period of play that I had... totally taken my off the ball at the moment the GK would have kicked the ball - and he dummied it for the corner!

W I L L N O T D O T H A T A G A I N !
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DW santa. Its one of those ones. I'd say more to do with psychology of refereeing rather than knowledge or anything else. The harder the decision is the more keen one is to make that decision. On this occasion it seemed like a decision that most referees would miss (hence your keenness to call it) except that tiny bit of requirement of touch right at the end witch you missed.