Barge or shoulder-to-shoulder

Brian Hamilton

I am the storm
Well said Rusty. I have blown for this and had the reply it was shoulder to shoulder ref, despite the ball being nowhere near the player and the fouled player left in a heap on the ground.
This is the key to me. If one of those making contact with the shoulder ends up on the ground, then its highly probably a foul has been committed

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@Brian Hamilton I only met him (SD) the once but do fondly remember seeing post-it notes stuck in every consecutive LOTG where he was meticulously researching a point in historical law in his scruffy flat. You had to get up really really early to beat him. I know a certain member on here falling foul constantly of his strangely devious and comedic mind for factual detail. He couldn't really help himself in correcting someone on something he saw that was even a tad incorrect. Even when I wound him up to say 'foul throw' (on purpose) knowing full well that within minutes or certainly within hours he'd of corrected me on the forum!!! He took the same ethos into his councillor work too, he was a right pain in the derriere for the local building fraternity who tried to railroad stuff through without the proper checks and balances.....Even getting an epitaph put up in his local park commemorating the local war heroes somehow made in the shape of a Sundial....He was certainly a proud little Englander!! RIP