Anyone seen anything like THIS before???!!!!


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There was a South American goal keeper who cut himself with a razor blade, pretending to have been hit by an object thrown by a spectator.

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I was about to start banging on about cheating again, but then i remembered giving myself a 'bit of a bruised eye' to get my brother into trouble when we were kids :blackeye:


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Speaking as an American, it's never shocking to me to see the level to which other CONCACAF countries will take "s***housery". CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers on the road are always an adventure because of bad pitches that are, let's say, "maintained" to suit a particular purpose, training pitches being locked before training sessions, and refereeing that harkens back to 1970s English football where if there isn't blood gushing or a leg bone protruding, you play on (and the head of CONCACAF refereeing is American Brian Hall, who refereed at the 2002 World Cup).

I will at least say that these smaller CONCACAF nations take s***housery to an art form . . .
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