7-6 Promotion


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Hi all, new here!

Managed to get on the promotion pathway in January. Had some OA games called off after, disappeared on Holiday and when I came back, all but one OA game I had were as AR. Do these AR games count towards the 7-6 promotion, or do the 10 games needed in OA have to be middles?
Just trying to keep track of where I am and know what I need when the season restarts.
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Hello @LKMRef

The qualifying games have to be completed as the referee. Games completed as an assistant referee can't be counted towards the qualifying criteria for promotion.

There is no requirement to complete any games as an assistant referee as part of the 7-6 progression
Well that clears that up then. Annoying cause the lines have been a higher tier than I'd normally do as well. Ah well, easy enough to get those games covered off during the first month or 2 of the season.
Have a look at the FA website, or your CFA website, to make sure you comply with the few requirements.