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No, but there's a forum policy against excessive and unconstructive criticism which 'honesty' can sometimes come across as. :)

(Sorry for answering mods!)
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Actually....I do have a question?

Is there a forum policy against being honest?
There is a forum policy about belittling others and generally being obnoxious.

You want to make a point, fine. Make it in an adult manner, the same as other forum users. If you cannot do that? Then don't be surprised when you are removed from discussions.

It's funny. You are the first to attack others, yet love nothing more than to get up on your high horse and call foul when you are reminded of the need to behave on the forum. Hmmm

Finally, there is also a forum rule about double posting. Use the edit button provided.


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You want me to waste my time pulling quotes out of your recent posts or even perhaps your last PMs to me? Not enough time in the world for me to have any inclination to read through your ranting again.

How's about this instead - just behave more appropriately, be considerate of other forum users views or feelings, make your point without being so angry and abrasive all the time?


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Why not?

You make a statement that I belittled the op in a post, I'm asking you to either back that up with some proof or retract the statement........

You're tossing insults about like candy, not me.


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Maybe because SM has a life outside the forum?

We come here to learn from other officials, no to have opinions slated and be described as incompetent.


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Ok children! Are we quite finished? Its quite simple, get off of your high horse when you post. Your posting style is very agressive, always making the point that you are correct every single time, always quick to try and belittle other users to make a point you are always in the right. You seem very reluctant to accept others views on things, taking a "my **** dont stink" attitude. I would absolutely love to come and watch you referee a game, as from what ive read on here youre like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way!

Carry on posting in this way, and youll be taking a permanent holiday from here, simple!!