young referee

  1. J

    U18 Referee Abuse

    Hi all, I am an U18 Ref and have passed my course about 3 months ago but have reffed for almost 2 years now. I had a situation yesterday where I had a horrendous team and almost abandoned the game. I had to end up sending a report in about this as it was absolutely atrocious, considering it was...
  2. F

    Cards in youth football

    Hi, I am going to be refereeing in youth football next season, probably varying from under 9s to under 16s. I was wondering about how others use cards in these types of games. For example an under 10 player shouts dissent at me. Do I caution him like I would if they were older or do I speak to a...
  3. M

    Young Referee

    There is an upcoming referees beginner course in the new year in my area and I am hoping to do it and start refereeing asap. My only worry is that I'm only 17 and teams will exploit this and try to take advantage. Has anyone else had any experiences of refereeing at this age? If not, I would be...
  4. alexv

    ADVICE for cards at youth football

    I’m a fairly new referee and was wondering about carding youth players. As a player, I very rarely saw yellow cards (up to around u17/18) and only saw one red which was after a fight. My first (and only so far, as I’ve only done about 5 games) booking came at an u15 friendly for dissent and I...