1. S

    Anyone Selling Touchline Electronic Flags?

    Hi all. It's my second season at level 4, and I've gradually seen my club and observer marks go up, to the point where I'm band A for observers and band C for clubs at the mid point of the season. However, I would like to get my own set of buzzer flags to help me find those extra half marks in...
  2. alexv

    More AR tips...

    I posted a couple of weeks ago looking for tips for my first big AR fixture. I was hoping for more tips, especially regarding smaller things, rather than spotting offsides and misconducts. Also, what other tips are there for me to get a high rating out of 100 by the referee? Quite nervous as...
  3. Galluzzo96

    First Time as a Fourth Official

    HI All, After 6 years of refereeing i have been selected as a fourth official for an U16 County Cup Final, do you have any tips or advice on how to get the best out of this role?