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    2nd game in charge tomorrow, big jump!

    Ref it like your normal game.. Remember your diagonal positioning, as it will differ to your game without AR's. I would maybe let the assistants know that you have only just started out. 1. Yes brief your AR's. @Nalbi's pre match sounds exactly like mine. 2 & 3. It depends how the dressing...
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    New Grounds and 4G (or 3G)

    Depends on the ground type.. I have been to 4/3G pitches that have nothing round them, which I hate going to as it just doesn't feel competitive. However, it is a ground-type ground I still get that feeling. I do hate officiating on artificial pitches though...
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    After the match

    Standard varies.. over were, as soon as the FT whistle has blown, the assistants meet myself have the minority shake our hands.., we have the stewards come meet us to escort us off and we wait for the players to head down the tunnel - just incase anything breaks out we are still in sight to see it.
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    Bass Ackwards

    I have made my assistants go on the other side, only reason being is on the original left backs position, from the edge of the penalty area to the corner flag was a huge hill with nettles..
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    Kit badges

    A & H International, or direct from your County FA.
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    AR kicking ball back to player after stoppage

    For example, whether the score is 0-0 at 65 minutes, 4-0 after 10 minutes or 1-2 after 91 minutes - you are an AR and the ball is down your end, it goes out for a goal kick, or a free kick is committed and the ball comes over you to you, no one is following it to recieve. What would you do, make...
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    Junior/Youth U18 match: did the CAR drop me in it?

    U18's is that age where they start thinking they're something special as they're only a year or 2 off the first team, some have experienced it and again think they're better. Thats how I found it anyway.
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    Open Age Bit of advice

    Players do it to try to force you to make a decision. On my game yesterday, there were appeals for a foul from the dugouts, I was on the line and infront of them and they ended up saying it was a good challenge.. They did it to try get something from the referee, and if you follow their shouts...
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    General feeling...

    I know the feeling, Topcat! Theres times when I wake up Saturday morning and just wanting to go back to bed, or just not wanting to be there. Its a tough job, physically and mentally, especially on top of full time work and a social life!
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    Bloody Players

    Weak refereeing would be cautioning him. Spirit of the game is in the laws - a player has to leave the FOP if bleeding, he's saving you an extra job. This in my eyes is a classic example of a way to lose match control! As said an above post, you don't caution players for leaving the FOP to get...
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    Bloody Players

    Its harsh Imo. I wouldn't do it, maybe a quick word in the ear just to let me know or something, but for leaving the pitch with a nose bleed I wouldn't caution - this is where the spirit of play comes in.
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    a parent posting about me on facebook

    First of all, keep your head up and don't let petty things like that effect you! You clearly made the right decision, he made the incorrect by putting it up. It's up to you if you wanted to send it to your RDO for some advice, but its only like saying the same thing from the sideline which you...
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    (Another) first game

    Sounds like you handled the game well, and had a confident performance which is great news, especially for a new referee. As for the red card, you could've possibly made the right decision, however if it was a lot earlier in the match, and you hadn't had sent him off, whats stopping an...
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    Availability & Demand on L4 Referees

    Very interesting, comparing England and Wales. In the Cymru Alliance (tier 2) we arrive an hour before kick off and get everything done in that time (just about), have a coffee, team sheets, walk about pitch, set up comms, changed, warm up, changed, out to smash the game. Shirt and tie isn't...
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    First Game yesterday

    Jim, first of all, welcome to the world of refereeing! The game certainly doesn't seem an easy one for an experienced ref, nevermind a newly qualified. You got through it, and thats the main thing. I remember my first games and how scary the were, and they were all U13's games! You learn from...