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    Abuse this season?

    Here’s my cards for this season
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    Linesman Flags

    Touch lines or ervocoms seem to be the weapons of choice
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    Valkeen whistles

    You want the RA0030-KS
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    Valkeen whistles

    I’ll dig out the code later but be careful with eBay, an awful lot of fakes out there
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    Recording yellows when it’s Raining heavily Huzzah!
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    So had my first ever DOGSO-H red yesterday. Hell of a save by the player to deny the goal. Whistle goes, point to the spot, call the player in to an absolute barrage of OFFINABUS too, separate report done for that. Show the red and off he goes, more abuse sent my way as he walks. After the game...
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    Wat v Ars

    Not really sure what sideshow Bob was thinking there. Penalty all day long. Arsenal fan here too
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    Which bag?

    So after 22 years my trusty Umbro megadeck holdall has carried my kit to its last game. I’m tempted to get another Umbro bag but not sure if I want a bag with wheels or not. Any recommendations? Thanks
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    iPhone over watch?

    As a user of REFSIX for the last 2 seasons I have to say that it’s a brilliant tool for referees. For me, it’s so much quicker to record goals/cautions etc on my watch rather than getting my notebook out. Wouldn’t dream of Taking my phone on to the field though
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    Youth game match fees

    Let’s not forget that some fees are inclusive of mileage
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    Sin Bins

    Yes. You’ll need to record them so that you know when the player can come back on, youll also need to report it on the whole game system too
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    Don't break the team pen moment

    Doesn’t mean they listen to anything you say though 😝🤣
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    Unannounced Assessment

    I can beat that, I didn’t know I was being observed till the observation sheet landed on my doorstep a week later
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    Sin Bin Match Pad

    Should be able to upload it
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    First Match With Refsix

    You can edit quite easily any mistakes you may make