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    When you’ve quite finished bickering chaps. It’s obvious you two don’t see eye to eye but can we leave the childish behaviour off of the forum please. @Ciley Myrus @GraemeS Consider this your yellow card, next ones a red.
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    Email address

    I use my .refchat and my .refsworld-uk email addresses no one has batted an eyelid
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    Card Count

    Here’s my season so far
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    Advice needed

    Series 3 Apple Watch and a Casio rft-100 does the trick for me
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    Sin Bin question (again)

    Not really, the breather is the punishment.
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    Sin Bin question (again)

    Show the yellow and point to the sideline. You’ll still need to report it on the whole game system as a c2 (sin bin) caution
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    Level 7 !!!!!?

    Yeah. Course you can
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    What's happened to SM?

    I’m not 100% sure to be honest. Think real life got in the way
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    What's happened to SM?

    He pops up on Facebook every so often. From what I gather he’s doing ok
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    Looking for a specific whistle...

    Not a thunderer but have just found 2 tornados if they’re any good to you?
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    Always nice to meet another forum member....

    Was good meeting and watching @JamesL in action today.
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    Stats under profile

    Edit your signature within the settings
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    Me and the missus used to follow the Nottingham panthers and were regulars at the ice arena before we moved to Cornwall. We’ve watched them in Cardiff a few times since moving though
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    RefChat’s birthday

    So today is RefChat’s 8th birthday. It was 8 years ago today, I was on a rooftop waiting for a spare part to arrive whilst on call that RefChat was born. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your support over the last 8 years and in to the future.
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    Where can I get single County FA badges from?

    Try your county FA office. Speak to your RDO