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    "But I got the ball Ref!"

    There are obviously different variants of this, including the one where a player lunges and gets nothing but the ball, but in a manner we have to deal with (often the hardest ones to explain / sell). The most frequent though, is the one where there is ball and player and the claim is 'I got the...
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    Manchester City Women vs Arsenal Women

    My first reaction on seeing this was to feel sympathy for the referee. I'm sure we've all had that sinking feeling ! There was a thread that strayed onto this subject a few weeks back. My view then and now is that ball hitting referee is one where it's best to err on the side of a safe...
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    Step 3/4 (level 3) and 5/6 (level 4) mid season promotions.

    Keep pushing on. If you are going well enough to be in the mix, the margins are small and you just need a bit of good luck to get over the line. I am in no doubt that's what I had to get on the list this time !
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    Whitehawk v Three Bridges (step 4)

    No comms at that level. Any match that kicks off like that is bound to provide learnings for all the officials involved, but I would hope our first instincts on this forum would be to be supportive of 3 colleagues who have had the sort of afternoon at the office that can be around the corner...
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    Yellow for a DOGSO

    On the 'dodgy backpass', if it's clearly a deliberate backpass you have to give it. It's black and white like the ball out of play. However, remember : 1. It has to be deliberate. My threshold for this is high. I'm going to be sure before I give it. If it might be deliberate or might be a...
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    Coventry vs Birmingham

    The complicating factor for me is that there are 2 separate actions : 1. A big old swipe at mid-calf height that misses 2. Followed almost immediately by an ankle tap trip, which is what actually brings him down If 1. connects, it's RC all day long If he hadn't attempted 1. and it's just 2...
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    Red Card

    For the avoidance of doubt, we are now not talking about the incident I described that kicked this debate off. There is a question raised by this new scenario about when the point of 'no possibility to play the ball' (lifted verbatim from LOTG) is judged, but I think this one has run its...
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    Red Card

    Attempt is the important word. Not pretending to attempt. My point was an ill-advised attempt is still an attempt and therefore YC - which is the situation I described. If I had thought he mowed him down without making any attempt, it would have been red.
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    Red Card

    I think the lack of a qualifier for 'attempt' is important. Had this one in a game earlier this season. Keeper brings down attacker in a one on one. Clear DOGSO. Diving to try and stop the ball at the attacker's feet, the attacker is far too quick for him, so he's not got particularly close...
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    Red card?

    Agree. Expected challenge made in the expected way. Everyone expecting play on, including the attacking team and seemingly the referee at the time. The lack of player reaction tells its own story. Ony AR has a different view, and assuming he is in line, he is looking through the players at...
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    Red card?

    The bizarre thing is VAR tells him to go and check (aka you've got that wrong) and he stands by it. Context is a relegation 6-pointer in Italy if you haven't seen the conspiracy theories ....
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    Red card?

    If it's a foul, it's DOGSO. But .... everything about that to me looks like the tackle you would expect any defender to make, well executed and completely under control. It looked like that at full speed and the slow mo didn't change my view If that's a foul, we might as well give in to...
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    Which team does a fan support ?

    It's factually incorrect because if a fan tries, and fails, to stop his own team scoring in the opponent's goal, the goal would still be awarded. It's unlikely, but I'd argue less unlikely than somehow managing to kick the ball the full length of the pitch, which is I believe the point that the...
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    Which team does a fan support ?

    I was doing one of my periodic re-reads of the LOTG on the IFAB site last night. Always good to remind yourself of the Laws that can get forgotten, because they relate to things that never, or hardly ever, happen. IFAB have helpfully started adding FAQs. Many are useful, but this one baffled...
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    Arsenal vs Palace

    Shouting in frustration at the telly as the Sky commentators go on and on about the non-award of a yellow card against James McArthur in a situation where Mike Dean played an advantage for what would have been a routine SPA if he had stopped for the free kick. Completely text book example of...