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    Studs up and a push in the back - A League

    PK, then red for DOGSO, and orange for the tackle after he's on the ground.
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    Burnley penalty v Wolves

    This is total ********. Other sports require far more complex decisions, made at a far higher rate, on situations occuring at much higher pace than football typically involves. You're being asked to choose between deliberate, unintended but unfair, or incidental and acceptable. The laws are...
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    corner kick

    "Barely touching" is inside the corner area. Would have thought a Level 3 would know that, though.
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    Handling the ball - the way forward

    Pretty much correct, except "manufacturing an offence" is no longer a thing (either it really is an offence by the defender, or the attacker who made it happen was doing something wrong/dangerous of their own first). I still don't know why an IFK in the PA is not simply made a CK. Clears up all...
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    Fifa to take VAR off ifab?

    Before, the mistakes were because of political interference with how the laws say VAR should work. Now, the mistakes will be because of FIFA's political interference. Clearly this is preferable, FIFA has no trouble with corruption.
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    Topical question

    If the intent is to prevent unnecessary delay to the game, no exact limit should be prescribed at all. Leave it to the referee to make a decision about how long is too long: Once the goalkeeper has clear space around them, the impending free kick against the goalkeeper is shown by a raised arm...
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    City Vs The Champions then

    You can have your view, and others can criticise the part of it that you put in public for how it contradicts known experience or has absolutely zero rational basis in facts. Your point is clear, it's also thoroughly unhelpful, in the first place for being so far from reality as to make one...
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    City Vs The Champions then

    It wouldn't matter if a thousand referees died right now, there are still thousands of others who would live. So, again, unless you are seriously expecting the majority of football to be forever lost, making nonsense predictions and then hiding behind "nobody really knows the future" is very...
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    City Vs The Champions then

    If thermonuclear war were sharp on the horizon, that might be a legitimate point, but unless you expect the total collapse of civilization to the point football never occurs again, seems more like an avoidance of acknowledging the total groundlessness of the prediction.
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    City Vs The Champions then

    Rugby has used TMO for close to (or more than) two decades. Hockey has had it for one and a half decades. The roles of the on-field officials has only been strengthened in both sports. Talking as if VAR will replace referees at all, let alone in ten years, is on par with Chicken Little's...
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    City Vs The Champions then

    If you're okay with the phrase ITOOTR existing, your objection is already irrelevant. If you're not okay with it, you have far bigger problems than whether two passes counts as several.
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    Sheffield United - Tottenham

    It's almost as if they think referees aren't stupid and can make decisions based on understanding the game combined with looking at the play in context. Judging from many of the posts in recent threads, I'm more and more convinced that this is not true at all, and footballers (whether they kick...
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    Jurgen vs Roy

    EPL is not football, it's football-based entertainment. The players are there to act a part, as are the officials, and it's close enough to the real high-level thing that the skills are transferable, but the whole thing is about making money for the clubs and the organisers. The sooner this is...
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    Showing immediately the referee signal

    For me calling it is about communication of the decision, it pre-empts the arguments when someone has assumed it's theirs and didn't look. Always confirm with the signal, to avoid coathangers with your AR as well.
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    Sin bins

    How can a player show dissent before the game has started? They disagree with whether the lines are visible enough to play on, they don't think your coin toss landed clearly as heads?