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    Hesitation with cards

    Slightly risky if you lose sight of the offender/didn’t catch their number to call them back as then it’s visible to everyone that you’ve planned to card someone. If the card isn’t out though then you can just about get away with it although there may be some moaning if it looked a fairly...
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    What do you use for the coin flip

    Same 2p coin for the 100 or so games I’ve done so far. Gets kept in a plastic tub with my whistle, pen and cards.
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    Another thing I tend to consider with advantage and getting a shot away is the nature of the shot itself. If for example the player has been shoved and is off balance then the shot will most likely be affected by this so I'll tend to pull it back for the foul. If the ball falls to a teammate...
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    RMA vs LIV

    Would it? It looked to me like the last touch came off the lower thigh so it wouldn't be a pass back.
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    RMA vs LIV

    I was messaging someone about this incident last night and outlined the various things that would be considered from the LotG and how the officials reached their decision. The reply I got was "fair enough but good luck explaining that on a Sunday morning" and I realised that it would probably be...
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    HUD v FOR

    I know where you're coming from with that. I think this is the kind of incident though where if the decision was play on (ie no simulation) then people would say "surely it's a dive then if it's not a penalty". The one thing I'm sure of with this is that it's definitely not a penalty for me. I...
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    Player injury and leaving the field

    I only really do youth football and to be honest it was a while before I remembered about this. A lot of the time coaches start to come on when you go to check the player so I'm not too fussed then. However I did an u16 academy game recently and did enforce it then as I explained to the player...
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    Yellow Turns to Red

    If you've decided he's getting cautioned then that's it happened - the actual showing of the card is really just communication of this. So in your case submit the initial yellow and the straight red.
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    Law Changes 2022/2023

    Just having a look at the one about the referee doing the coin toss. Sometimes at a game the referee will get a young mascot to do the actual toss which can be a nice thing to get them involved. My impression I get is that this would no longer be allowed though?
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    How Much are Your Ref's Fees?

    Must vary between regions - boys clubs are a flat £40 fee round my way from u13 through to u19. £30 flat fee for AR at Tier 6&7 which you can do after about a year or so after qualifying.
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    Man Utd v Southampton

    This is an interesting one. Around 02.52 into the clip below the St Johnstone player receives a caution (his second so is sent off) for pulling back the Dundee Utd attacker, despite the referee playing advantage after the foul. (Clip doesn't show the card being shown but does show the referee...
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    goalkeeper red card incident

    Approximately 02:55 in this
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    Whistle hand

    Opposite for me - I'm left handed but hold in my right hand. I use two clipped together on a lanyard, although I only really use one of the two as the second one is there as I find it easier for grip.
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    Grassroots Interview

    Can only agree about having to resit some kind of test every few years. I was talking to a family member recently - he's a coach for a grassroots team - and he was saying he's due to go on a coaching course soon to renew his "badges" he has that qualify him as a coach. I feel something similar...
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    "First" game "back"

    Got 2 youth games - one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday one called off today - presuming covid - but league is short so already been appointed to another game instead. Sunday game is still on but who knows if it still will come Sunday.