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      Ge0rge reacted to Runner-Ref's post in the thread Notts Forest Vs Brighton with Like Like.
      Looks like a straight red to me on the highlights as well. But I'm happy to be corrected. Either way, it's nice to see someone at the...
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      Ge0rge replied to the thread Notts Forest Vs Brighton.
      From the highlights, I think it was a straight red. You can see him get the first yellow, and then he says to him "you're f****** bent"...
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      Ge0rge replied to the thread Correct Restart?.
      Ok thank you - I thought I was correct in law on the day, but was told by a fellow official (someone who is much much more qualified...
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      Ge0rge posted the thread Correct Restart? in Laws of the game.
      Have a quick question from my game a couple of weeks back. Keeper has the ball in his hands, gets a small nudge from an opposing...
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