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    First game - kit questions

    I dont know if things have changed but in the past it was county badge for all games and FAMOA level 4 and up. As a level 7 you are a Junior referee, 6 County referee and 5 senior county, there is a clue in the name. Then once you hit 4 and above you move out of the counties jurisdiction and...
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    First game - kit questions

    Correct players and spectators couldn't give a toss whats on your shirt and this isnt a fashion show. However District and County appointment officers DO care and will expect the County badge to be on your shirt for such appointments.
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    First game - kit questions

    I would suggest County badge, you can do every game in your County badged kit, where as FAMOA is limited.
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    Leve 7 Exam

    I dont post an awful lot but i do read all the threads and every single one has you coming up with some smart arsed reply that diverts away from the OP every single time. Its not fair to the referees that actually want to learn and get advice, good advice, not go to the pub instead.
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    Leve 7 Exam

    Why do you have to turn every thread into some sort of joke? People are getting a little bored with you now. This lad is obviously serious about his refereeing.
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    Leve 7 Exam

    Pretty much as Zara said, read the question and then read it again, if needed read it again. Brush up on re-starts, DFK and IDFK as they will most likely come up...alot. You are going from Junior Referee to County Referee so it gets a little more serious now in terms of knowledge of law. Not too...
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    Pre season training

    For my money you cant go wrong with HIIT (high intensity interval training) if you go to the gym then go to a few of the classes (if they do them) they may have things like Metafit or HIIT classes they are perfect, they are short but as the name suggests they work you hard. It is a quick way of...
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    law 8 toss of coin

    Crikey, how can something so simple be made out to be so complicated. My head hurts!!! In over 400 games i have not once had a captain say id like to kick off the second half. If he/she does win the toss then they would simply stay as they are therefore handing first half kick off to the other...
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    England v Nederland

    I agree, Southgate wants to play our from the back, thats fine. But there is a time and a place. Look at City, they are masters of it from the goalkeeper, right through the team. But they change their game plan when they play Liverpool who are prepared to press them high up the pitch. Its all...
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    Animal abuse during a game

    I have never lost my rag on a football pitch (as a referee), if this happened i would find it very very hard not too!! Absolutely disgusting.
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    Portugal v Switzerland (Not the VAR)

    Thats cleared that up then!! Cheers @JamesL
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    Portugal v Switzerland (Not the VAR)

    Ahh good point, id like to think your right and 7 officials didn't miss this!! :redcard:
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    Portugal v Switzerland (Not the VAR)

    Watched the highlights this morning and noticed this straight away. On Portugals first goal (Ronaldos free kick), there are two red shirts stood in the wall. Under the LOTG change as of 1st June, they shouldn't have been there. It clearly states that with a wall of 3 or more players defenders...
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    Absolutely right, disrespectful to the Panda Cup that! They should be ashamed. I think the FA should look into revoking any FA Cup win where a player or manager has put the lid on his head too, its the FA Cup not a hat, shocking!!!! :):):););)
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    Sloppy Referee

    I think i have told this story before but its one of my favourites. Had a game a few years ago now, i called my assistants during the week and said there is no need for shirt and tie on this league but if you could be relatively smart, trousers and a polo maybe? No problem. Very young assistant...