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    Leaving FOP

    Hi All Looking for some advice as seen in the Rangers game at the weekend - I'll try and find a video if I can. Scenario: Hibernian Goalkeeper taking goal kick and hits it to the right hand side of the half way line Hibernian right back is off the field of play Starts ON the FoP Hibernian...
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    McGregor at it again

    Sometimes I think he believes he is Conor McGregor rather than Alan however my question is should this be a red card for VC or SFP?
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    Tottenham v Ajax

    Does it really matter at that level with a buzzer and comms? It's the same idea as the referee signalling for throw ins and blowing whistle for goal etc
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    Run Tracker whilst refereeing

    I'm now stuck between the vivoactive 3 and m430 and google isn't really helping. I wish I could try both before buying!!
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    Audio books & podcasts

    Only referee podcasts or general ones?
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    Run Tracker whilst refereeing

    What would you all say is the best fitness watch for refereeing?
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    Arsenal v Everton Women

    Agreed - two reds for me.
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    Arsenal v Everton Women

    Not seen although would be interesting if you can find a link
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    Leeds no penalty

    Penalty for me - can forgive the referee as it took me a slow motion replay (VAR). However as we all said above you don't have slow mo on a Saturday morning and naturally the best way if you and assistants are unsure is always go with the defending team; in this case no pen.
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    IFAB LoTG 2018/19 book

    The SFA usually send a copy out each year (at least the Glasgow association does)
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    Pk added on time, last kick. Of all time. Ever

    I always thought we should end the game in a neutral area of the FOP there imo an attacker going for a rebounded penalty isn't neutral so I'd be waiting. Edit: Seems dodgy to me to let defender clear it after telling attacker not to attack it.
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    Becoming a Futsal Refereee

    In Scotland, yes Not sure which country you're in
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    Positioning at Corner

    Hi All, Hoping for some advice. The guidance I have been given for positioning at corner kicks is: Goal line at 6yd area at back post. I understand the idea - without ARs it is easier for offside calls and some offences although when two players challenge for the ball - especially when...
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 23 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

    5/5 this week for the first time ever!
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    Slightly apprehensive!

    I've personally never seen a 4th warm up - is this common to have the 4th warm up?