Training Kit 24/25

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Does anyone know what the FAs plan is for training kit for next season because as far as I'm aware the current training kit is only in use until end of the season? I may well be wrong with that so happy to be corrected!!
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You are correct, current Academy Pro 23 Range was discontinued by Nike in December and has therefore been sold off in most places. Ref Stop cleared large quantities of Polos (and still are) at 22.95. They have a few jackets too but still full price.

If history repeats the previous few times, it will be the academy pro 24 range next season, which is already out, but of course we dont know for sure if the FA will choose it.

Ref Stop for some reason are usually privy to this info first, so keep an eye out on there for new lines coming in, but everyone will sell it (and much cheaper than them)
So that makes four changes in as many years?
Nike 19->volt->grey->changing again??
Yep. The issue is Nike Refreshes the key ranges, specifically Academy every year, so even if The FA were to use one for two years, they wouldn’t have the supply unless they had a deal with Nike to extend production, which is unlikely. They could choose one of the cheaper ranges which are still produced and around today (such as Park), but again that’s unlikely as there’s no money in it for them!