moving to Scotland potentially.

ollie Hamill

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Level 6 Referee
Hi all,
This year I will be applying for university looking to join for 2025. on my shortlist is a university in Scotland and I wanted to know if I was able to becoming affiliated with the SFA without needing to redo my ref course. if anyone has had similar experiences any input would be greatly appreciated
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It will be the SFA that has to decide. If you relocate you just have to email them explaining everything including your current level/experience and they will be able to guide you from there. Not sure about their system personally though.
Ordinarily you shouldn't need to re qualify.

Speak with your current RDO who might be able to make the introduction.
You definitely won't need to retake the course, the only question is what level you go in at. As has been suggested, speak to your RDO, transfers between countries is very common, and England to Scotland or vice versa is probably the most common.
I don't know much about refereeing in Scotland, but given you appear to be Level 6 here I'd imagine you'll probably end up Category 5 there if the SFA agree. That would mean you could do the following:

A referee who regularly attends their local Referees' Association training and monthly meetings. The classification is determined by the Referees' Association manager.

A Category 5 Referee can officiate in the following:

As referee

  • Scottish Amateur FA
  • Scottish Youth FA
  • Scottish Welfare FA
  • Scottish Schools FA
  • Scottish Women's Football
  • Club Academy Scotland Football
  • SWFL Championship**
As assistant referee*

  • Scottish Cup First & Second Rounds
  • Highland Football League
  • Lowland Football League
  • East of Scotland League
  • South of Scotland League
  • Aberdeenshire League
  • North of Scotland Under-20 League
  • Highland Under-17 League
  • Scottish FA Youth Cup
  • SWPL 1 & 2**
*Subject to the discretion of the Scottish FA.

**Referees who have passed Female Referee FIFA Fitness Test

There is more info on their pathway here for you: