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    Podcast Appearance

    Just started it up but only got 20% phone battery, so I'll have a watch /listen later on the TV 👍
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    Promotion Letters Are Out

    I recognise the names of the Derbyshire ones, and should've been on a cup final with one of them, obviously COVID put a stop to that. Congratulations to everyone who got promoted.
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    What got you into refereeing?

    Dabbled in 11 a side as a youngster, but fell out of it, and a season in my early - mid 20's, but found i couldn't keep my positioning on the pitch and didn't make the team that often so knocked it on the head when the team ended. Did 5 a side for a few years up until start of 2018, but felt i...
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    Level 6 promotion

    I wish I'd started earlier, but even if i did start at your age, I'd be looking at 2-3 seasons as a minimum before i went for promotion, and then pushed myself as much as i could every season onwards. The experience of so many different situations in games, and types of player, is vital to...
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    How your fitness has changed as a result of Covid-19

    You're allowed longer than an hour if you want mate 👍
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    20/21 LOTG Book

    I'm with you, much prefer a paper copy, i think i heard not long ago there won't be a physical copy produced, so you may be right in what you heard, which is annoying if there isn't. But i understand that so much is done online nowadays. I think if i can't get a physical copy, I'll just spend...
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    Sin Bins at Supply League Level

    I quite enjoy using them if needed, i tell captains at the start of games that I'm not afraid to use them, whether they take it on board that I've said it, i don't know. I haven't used that many since the first few games that they came in, so i either think they're working, or captains ARE...
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    Sin Bins at Supply League Level

    My last middle before everything was called off involved a player who was lucky not to be sent to the bin, and got a warning instead, but with that warning he told me to 'f off', so found himself sitting out the last half hour of the game, not that it really affected the result as the team were...
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    If you could turn back time

    I've only heard someone say 'cheat or cheating' a couple of times, not very loudly and both times in annoyance, towards the start of my refereeing. Both times i didn't produce a card, but told them to essentially shut up, and warned them, based on the way it was said, quieter than usual so most...
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    99 year ban!

    Reminds me of a local incident, don't know the ins and outs of, only what was in the local paper, which i can't seem to link to, and The Sun, but i was in his year at secondary school, vile piece of work back then so he didn't change...
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    BODMAS remembered!!

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    Virgin Game

    U15 Sunday Division 3, males. Turned up nice and early, about an hour before, which surprised the home manager. Did what i needed to do, think it finished 3-1 iirc, can't remember who to though. The main thing i remember is getting a follow up email from the appointment officer telling me I'd...
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    How long before Coronavirus impacts Football?

    Everyone's too busy reffing matches and watching the football...
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    Red Cards Make a Debut

    Throwing a punch is a red card any day of the week at any age. End.
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    First match advice

    Don't change your decision unless you've given it quickly and know you've got it wrong, and play hasn't restarted. Stick to your guns, especially on close calls (throw in is a good one). Tell the players you're giving what you saw from your angle.