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    Watching the ball or the players

    I've noticed a few challenges that I may have missed as I have a tendency of watching the ball rather than the players. When the keeper takes a goal kick I tend to watch the ball. I missed a player being elbowed in the back and he had to come off. Just wanted a bit of advice as to the balance...
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    First game coming up at the weekend

    Game done and dusted !! Not too bad overall. A few iffy decisions I reckon but that was due to positioning so I wasn't able to see properly but on the whole went well. The teams provided their own linesmen so the offsides they whinged about a bit but I said I can't tell from where I am...
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    First game coming up at the weekend

    I ran the line yesterday and have my first game as ref on Saturday. Nervous as anything hoping that I don't mess up big time. Any advice ?