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    Fifa to take VAR off ifab?

    I liked the commentary on BBC 2’s Today at the Test during the first test. At an LBW review who ever was one the mic made the point that the technology works, but it took time to get there. And then mentioned football catching up. It takes time and patience. It’ll get there
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    Oxford v Wycombe Sky’s highlights aren’t accessible to everyone I know but it’s all I can find at the moment. Attacking move starts at 1:22, penalty about 1:25 I’m inclined to caution here for the challenge itself, outright. A similar...
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    Your moment of the season

    This thread is done. We have a winner. Nothing is going to beat this
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    Your moment of the season

    Passing a fitness test for the first time ever. Injury and illness have always “done me” before leaving me short of what was expected and what I knew I was capable of. That narrowly beats my first Women’s National League game of the season - MK Dons v Plymouth at Stadium MK. Had a crowd of...
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    Fifa to take VAR off ifab?

    I’d said several times throughout the season I wouldn’t be surprised if the two models - EPL vs Bundesliga for example - were compared and a decision made on which was the more effective. Whichever was the preferred option would then be adopted throughout. Perhaps I gave it a little too much...
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    Juve v Atalanta

    Outside of the UK (and possibly the US judging by other threads) that’s always going to be given. Personally don’t have any issues with it based on the picture. Although the arms are bent it’s increased his blocking size.
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    Only a yellow ?

    Still image of the challenge. Later on in the game the referee doesn’t do himself any favours. Correctly sends a Wigan player off for a SFP challenge but initially tries to play advantage. Possible call over the comms but could’ve been in a lot of difficulty otherwise. Tough day.Don’t know...
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    2020/2021 season registration. Wait?

    More like strains - the vaccine is a soup of viruses including that most prevalent and now includes the H1N1 bird flu that was in cycle during the late 2000s as well as the swine flu strain that went global around 2010.
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    Fleetwood v Wycombe

    A round red sometimes sits more comfortably in the back pocket. And Fleetwood keeper has had a ‘mare.
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    English Grassroots Return

    This. Discipline and decorum are hard 😉
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    Feeling rusty

    I suffered an Achilles injury about a month ago in training so I’ve put all thought of games on hold. Weight has gone up and all the good work I was putting in has gone out of the window. Frustrtingly some guys from my RA started an informal training session once a week and I’ve not been...
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    Exeter v Northampton L2 P/O Final

    limited resource availablity 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Exeter v Northampton L2 P/O Final

    Video on Sky Sports Late, from behind and no chance to play the ball. The camera on the live shot on the link above misses it because it tracks the play. Not the nastiest of challenges you’ll ever see, but certainly endangers the opponents safety. Has an element of the revenge tackle too for...
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    English Grassroots Return

    As a moderator I am in something of a moral dilemma here. The appropriate response, is actually an inappropriate response language wise despite being justified. My head hurts.
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    Norwich-Man Utd

    This was me trying to be open minded and objective rather than hypercritical of him. If there are positives I will highlight them or else it risks looking like a witch hunt. That said I don’t disagree with the “broken clock is right twice a day” arguments put forward though 😉