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    True Story...

    Mine!!!! :p
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    Sleep well Jimmy Armfield
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    Northampton RA Newsletters

    Newsletters from this season so far. Edited by my unworthy self.
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    Wolves V Swansea

    *blows the dust off his mod kit* In danger of degenerating...
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    Everton Swans massive dive

    Cautioned him but absolutely no doubt about the intent there. Night to forget for Mr Moss sadly. If I’m being generous I can understand the first penalty at full speed. Incorrectly cautioned Holgate for that free kick early in the first half which seems to have started a downward spiral for...
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    Pre-Season starts now!

    Glad to say the prolapsed disc has fully healed and I can start getting ready to get back out there. 27 January confirmed first fixture date; only lines for the first 6 weeks or so to prevent recurrence of the injury but just glad to be coming back. :)
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    Most reds to one team?

    5 to same side and the aforementioned abandonment
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    African Adventure

    Recovering from Irma and Maria! Forget what you've seen on the internet about twins with tempers :wide:
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    RA Meeting Details: Dates, Venues & Speakers

    Society: Northampton RA When: Thursday 2 November 2017 Where: The Old Black Lion, Wootton Working Men's Club. Wootton. NN4 6WL Speaker: Lee Betts - FIFA and Select Group Assistant Referee.
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    Karl Walker DOGSO

    My first call was "superb challenge". Reverse angle showed I was wrong!
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    Referee Hot Line

    Conduct unbecoming. Cease and desist. I have no wish to use mod powers to ban people but will if this flares up again. Lockdown.
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    Malta v England. 4th man clash with Southgate?

    Pfft. I was hoping to be there. Dodged a bullet I think!
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    Bournemouth V Manchester City

    C'est finis
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    18 years on and nothing's changed then?
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    Miguel Britos - Watford vs Brighton

    Even if he was aiming for the one at the top of his legs he still missed! :lock: