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    Coming back

    Had a few threats over the years, thats all they were, I reffed one lad the week after he threatened me, he wasn't banned for that game but i knew what was coming, (6 months)... Usually its boyish BS, heat of the moment stuff, usually an over reaction!! Welcome back, chest out, you're in charge!!!
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    Attacker in or in the way of the wall

    He can stand where he likes, no doubt the defenders won't like it but whats he doing wrong??
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    premier league and EFL clampdown on dissent

    Was it was affecting their club marks so they decided to turn a blind eye? :cool:
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    Promotion 17/18

    Trust you to lower the tone Lincs !! :angel::redcard:
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    Kicking the ball to a player's head while in play

    Looks like a red, smells like a red, LOTG says its a red.......yeh, its a red!!!
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    Promotion 17/18

    One has to get sized up for the Blazer and media training!!
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    True Story...

    A friend of mine has two tickets for this years Play off Final, both in a box with executive seats. He paid £2,500 each but he didn't realize last year when he bought them, it was going to be on the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place...
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    Lyon vs PSG

    From the side angle it looks far worse than it maybe is! From the rear it looks a good old fashioned tackle. Was the RC for the foul or something said as he fronted up the referee! I don't think the ref actually saw the actual tackle as his glance seemed to be upfield!!
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    Referee wallet

    Wheres @Ross when there is a lucrative sale to be had!! :angel:
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    Mansfield v Cheltenham

    Certainly did enough for AA.... YC yes!!
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    Mansfield v Cheltenham

    The tackle on the goal line was an absolute horror tackle!! he should have sent himself off after that one!!
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    Mansfield v Cheltenham

    Busy night writing up reports after that lot!! Thoughts on the decisions?
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    Hello everyone

    Hola, ref Español, espero que te estés manteniendo bien :)
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    Slide Tackles in Youth Football

    So, we are banning sliding tackles & heading the football, what’s next, kicking, running?
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    Rams v Bristol

    Penalty all day long!!! On any pitch!!!