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    First game with AR’s

    Try to look to your assistant just after the ball is played, then again as the player receives it. That way you shouldn't miss any offside flag.
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    That's because the laws say they can.
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    Darren Ferguson’s Comments

    He also isn't helping his argument with his "fitness levels are a disgrace" comment. The FL fitness test is difficult, and the officials operating at that level are certainly fit. You just do not pass that test unless you have a very good level of fitness. They might well be making mistakes...
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    Referee kicks out at player during PSG match

    I would really want to see the whole end to end clip. No doubt that Chapron kicks out at Carlos, but what happens after that. BT Sport are saying that he was given a second caution, so I can't work out what that was for. It's either VC for kicking the referee (which he didn't) or nothing, you...
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    Agree, but there is a shout to say that lack of credibility could lead to lack of match control as I said in my post. Referees shouldn't be wearing anything that they wouldn't let a player wear, other than a watch of course.
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    Loss of match control probably not. Loss of credibility, then I'd say more likely, and lack of credibility could lead to lack of match control if the players don't take you seriously because you look like a PE teacher rather than a referee .... :). If a referee is doing his job properly in...
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    Not for me, tracksuit bottoms are a complete no no for match officials. If it was incredibly cold, and by that I mean temperatures that you aren't likely to see much in England, then black leggings are fine by me as long as they are under the shorts and socks. The two main leagues that I...
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    Darren Ferguson’s Comments

    Sorry Danny, defending the indefensible there I'm afraid. I've listened to the whole interview and it certainly didn't seem to be taken out of context to me. You can criticise the standard of refereeing without saying the referees should be shot, that is just going way too far. In my opinion...
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    Like father like son!!!

    There's already a topic on this, so closing this one.
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    Prematch Warmup Routine

    Do what is needed for you. The "choreographed" warm ups look great, but everyone's bodies are different and need different types of warm up. Speaking as someone with knee problems, then moves like high knees and bum kicks are terrible exercises and no physio would ever recommend you do them...
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    Non-driving referees

    Depends where you live. I know several level 3s in the London area who don't drive, they use public transport to grounds and where this isn't available they arrange for their assistants to pick them up from a local station. At lower levels it may be harder as there is no one to pick you up...
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    Blades V Owls (friday)

    It can't be as seen on TV 24+ hours before it has been played, so closed ...
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    1st Competitive UK VAR

    Mike Riley has said the VARs must be the same level as the match referee. So to me that rules out bringing back ex-referees, and that also means they are going to need a lot more SG1 officials.
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    Chelsea v Ars CC

    My point was that it was working to the agreed criteria. Whilst I agree there was potential grounds for a caution for throwing the defender to the floor, the referee simply cannot do that on VAR evidence. Should he be able to, probably yes, but he can't as it is working. So again, it is...
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    Chelsea v Ars CC

    He isn't allowed to caution based on the VAR rules being used. So unless the VAR told him that it was VC, which it wasn't, this was an example of it working correctly. There are set criteria, and a missed caution isn't one of them.