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    Talk about a kit clash

    Match Referee in Blue, I assume???
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    Player bleeding

    Surely in this time of Blood Borne viruses, the referee need to take a common sense approach to blood on kit, or am I Yet again thinking outside of the box??????
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    Player bleeding

    If the referee notices the bleeding wound, he is obliged to request that the player leaves FoP to have bleeding stopped The referee must be sure that the bleeding has stopped/been controlled before allowing the player to return to FoP
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    Referee books

    cheers, will advise if I enjoy it
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    Referee books

    What did Mr Collina call his Autobiography????
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    Old Firm Send Off

    Having seen the video, the Referee has got that card spot on
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    Old Firm Send Off

    DOGSO for me all day long RED CARD all day long
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    The law as it stands, as far as I am aware refers to Under Garments. My understanding of law is that the under garments should be the same main colour as the shirt or shorts being worn
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    Change of Goalkeepers at half time – u14 match

    The Jist of the matter is that the referee needs to be notified of the change being made and it requires making at a stoppage in play. IE Half time or other natural stoppage
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    Junior/Youth Nice try Jim....

    This situation has been dealt with correctly, IMHO (For what its worth) The coach cannot be allowed to substitute the offending player to allow his team to remain with desired number of players Caution for the coach for entering FoP without Permission, Spot On
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    Having thick skin

    Thick skin Try Rhino Hide To be fair it is something you develop as your experience improves Over the years I've been an MO, I have come to learn which coaches I cam communicate with and which Coaches are best left alone
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    Any tips for refereeing academy games

    I have found with Academy Games, I talk more to lessen the need for the whistle Talking to prevent offences is a big thing for me I Also find the younger the player the more talking I Do Its almost like being an educator as well as a law enforcer
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    First Game this Sunday 😩

    FanofChelsea Mind and lets us all know how your game tomorrow goes :)
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    First Game this Sunday 😩

    Go out and enjoy it As has been stated by others, the nerves never go away , you just learn how to deal with them
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    First Game this Sunday 😩

    Use the senior member of your Association as a Sounding Board Ask for his opinion The more senior members of your association will be a fountain of knowledge to you in your early games