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    Breakaway European League.

    Personally, I’m not too bothered one way or another - one set of rich people get annoyed at another set of rich people. Top level football is now so far removed from me, I’m not really too interested in it. Purely by coincidence, but turned out to be excellent timing, on Monday night I saw...
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    LOTG 2021-22 (Out in June 2021)

    Happy to register my interest. if I can get my hands on a copy for less than a tenner, I’d by one.
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    Show me your kit!

    This is my latest purchase: With changing rooms currently closed, this collapsible stool is great: fits in my bag, no more sitting on wet grass to change into my boots at the side of the pitch. All...
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    Oldham free kick

    Have a look at this free kick from Oldham. I think it should have been disallowed, when the ball was struck at least one Oldham player was within 1m of the wall. Easy for to spot when watching several replies in my armchair, less easy for our man in the middle. Any thoughts?
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    Penalties and Expected Penalties in English Premier League

    I think it does matter. Essentially what they have done is plotted 10 points on a scatter graph, drawn a line of best fit, and used the equation of a straight line (y= Mx + c) to come up with an equation for expected penalties. This is from a data set of circa 1,000, so if you pick a...
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    Penalties and Expected Penalties in English Premier League

    An interesting table that suggest this may be worthy of further investigation, but two immeadiate thoughts spring to mind that could improve this work: 1.) To create the metric “expected penalties“ what they’ve done is they’ve taken 10 players (all English) and compared the number of touches of...
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    First match back

    Maybe you could have suggested that next week he takes up the whistle again to help out those games that didn’t have a ref .. ;)
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    First match back

    Was great to be back. in first 10 mins I was able to play a couple of good advantages - in normal times I suspect both fouled players would have stopped and called for a free kick, but you could just sense the enthusiasm of the players and they just carried playing and, although ultimately...
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    First match back

    Somewhat coincidentally, my game tomorrow is for the same club that my first game after lockdown one was. That was a friendly, tomorrow is a league game. Friendly on Sunday (my Sunday league restarts in two weeks.) Aching legs on Monday?! I have done my best to keep fit, but a back injury...
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    Ex pro players in your league.

    Slightly different, but I had a former pro - who was once sold for a million pounds - lined up to play for my vets team. He sent me a text on the Saturday before the Sunday morning game crying off as he had pulled a muscle whilst having a kick around with his 14 yr old son. Didn‘t invite him...
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    Scotland v Austria

    I’d give that. He’s wrapped his arms around him, not very subtle, and then gives him a much more subtle “nudge” with his shoulder. Penalty
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    LOTG quiz questions for U8s team

    Not sure that’s a suitable question for an U8? ;)
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    Schools football

    There are two main bodies (in England) that oversee schools football ESFA (for all schools and colleges in England) and ISFA (Independent Schools FA, for independent schools) As a rule of thumb, ISFA are more organised and update their website more frequently, so is always worth a look/check...
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    Schools football

    @PinnerPaul has it spot on. What may/will happen some inter-school football will take place next term (summer term) when normally there is little or no inter-school football
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    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    I’ve been booked in for my first two games: a team that are in the Sunday league I ref in have been in touch to book me in for a couple of friendlies on Sunday 4th & 11th April. The league are talking about restarting on the 18th. To be honest, I’d rather be ref-ing on a warm Sunday in April...