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    Chelsea v Spurs

    I’m not saying that the whistle should be before the goal, what I’m saying is why whistle at all, especially if you’re going to stand whistle to mouth before the shot. If the powers that be want goals, why let the goal go in and then say no goal. Surely the best action to take is if you’re not...
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    Chelsea v Spurs

    My problem with this though is that the delay of flag is designed around a more black and white decision of calling offside, whereas delaying a whistle for a foul is entirely subjective. The flag for me is almost redundant after a goal, it’s going to be checked for offside regardless of the...
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    Manchester City Women vs Arsenal Women

    Credit to the referee, it’s a great touch and ball out wide. If that was Messi we’d be raving about it ;):p
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    Chelsea v Spurs

    Why blow at all? We all know the mantra that if you’re not 100% sure, you don’t give it. Standing whistle to mouth waiting for the goal to be scored before blowing just looks like an attempt at re-refereeing a game for me.
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    Chelsea v Spurs

    What baffles me is the fact the referee actively delays the whistle until after the goal was scored. He was whistle to mouth before Kane taken the shot and just stood there. This to me looks like a referee not 100% sure and relying on a VAR bailout imo
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    From high to low

    the key question I think here is did you find it insulting or offensive? If you did, then it’s a red. Whilst I personally wouldn’t have sent him off, I know people who detest that particular word so I can see why some refs would issue a red. In the flip side of that, I’ve regularly been taught...
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    Palace V Liverpool

    100% not a penalty. He’s throw himself into the goalkeeper
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    ‘Only asking a question’

    Similar to this, I hear a lot of ‘I’m allowed to ask a question’. If that has come from a typically argumentative player, I normally respond with ‘who has allowed that’. I’m yet to receive a straight answer
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    Forest vs Derby

    Would have liked to have seen a booking for the Forest keeper as well there. What has he run, 40/50 yards to get in face of Ravel Morrison?
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    False Name Given (WWYD)

    Isn’t it county FA requirement to be taking names, regardless of numbered team sheets or not?
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    West Ham vs Leeds

    No more to be said really, it’s correct. One thing this and the chelsea offside decision last week has shown me though is there’s a severe lack of understanding amongst fans that don’t know that goalkeepers are included in the second to last defender ruling when they come out of their goal.
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    Port Vale v Swindon

    From the angle of the video it doesn’t even look like the striker will make that much contact until the keeper extended his leg. Correct decision imo
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    A few things

    A few situations occurred yesterday which I was unsure about, so any advice would be appreciated - Blue Player sin binned in the second half. 3 minutes into the sin bin, they made a substitution, and the sin binned player took over responsibility of the CAR. I requested that he was removed from...
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    Spurs vs Chelsea

    Cannot for the life of me see how he gave a penalty against Chelsea for the Kepa tackle. Surely between the referee and assistant they could see that challenge was perfect
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    Grassroots Interview

    another reason it’s ill-advised to do ‘interviews’ during this social media fad is the comments on YouTube for the video. Say what you like about the application of law but comments about the referee are just abusive. It can have a serious impact to a persons mental health all in the name of...