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    Penalty decision

    I hear this a lot, but that is in one sense, what the law says. The law says that the referee: So the law is literally saying that you can both allow play to continue and go back afterwards "if the anticipated advantage does not ensue ..." - again assuming that this becomes apparent within a...
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    Penalty decision

    That's a total straw man argument. Nobody, absolutely nobody is saying that and it's not even remotely close to the actual scenario under discussion where there was literally not enough time for the referee to even get the whistle to their lips before the whole thing was over. The wording on...
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    Junior/Youth DOGSO-H Question

    Not just 'possibly' - as others have said, this is a mandatory caution. The law is perfectly clear, and says that a player must be cautioned if that player:
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    True Story...

    I watched that documentary about people who feel the need to deny ownership of hot drinks and I have to say it wasn't my cup of tea.
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    Deflected back to the kicker.

    We don't know if that's the case though do we? The OP just says the ball struck the referee, it doesn't describe how exactly that happened. Maybe the referee misinterpreted where the kick would go and moved into the path of the ball just as it was struck.
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    Shoulders when running together

    I'm not sure what you're implying here. Let's say the ball is 70 yards away at the other end of the pitch and a defender makes an otherwise "fair shoulder charge" on an opponent. Are you saying that's acceptable?
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    Handball (or not) ?

    According to the original post: So are you saying it's a red card for a handling offence that prevents the ball from striking a defender's chest?
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    Deflected back to the kicker.

    I would say a "spirit of the law" interpretation is definitely a dropped ball to the team of the player taking the kick. By giving an IFK to the opposition you are allowing a change of possession to take place pretty much solely due to the ball having touched the referee. OK it's not an...
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    Penalty at the very end

    It may not be defined but the law definitely mentions the word significant
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    10 year ban!

    I think it might be fairer to say that that's a typical scenario but that it's not always the case. According to the info on the CPS website: There's no mention that the person has to have been arrested, nor that the police necessarily have to be involved (though of course, they usually are)...
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    Iceland V England

    This. The tackle was still reckless IMHO (lunged in and completely upended Ward-Prowse).
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    Women’s Charity Shield Scott Red Card

    I think you're not accounting for the fact that the law says "a player must be cautioned" for a foul that interferes with or stops a promising attack. The Chelsea player was moving purposefully into an ideal shooting position right on the edge of the City penalty area and had several team mates...
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    Women’s Charity Shield Scott Red Card

    I'm not sure what you mean by, "what else was she supposed to do?" If you're talking about Scott then the what she's supposed to do is not foul the opponent when they're in a promising attacking position.
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    Women’s Charity Shield Scott Red Card

    That's true, but the yellow card she (presumably) got for SPA was the first caution and advantage was not played on it. On the second yellow, advantage was played but that caution was almost certainly for a reckless challenge, not SPA.
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    Women’s Charity Shield Scott Red Card

    Fairly standard two yellows leading to red, IMHO. Nothing remarkable about it at all, for me. On the first yellow, she may have got something on the ball but she also slid in from behind with her momentum taking her on into the player and as I'm sure you know, getting the ball does not absolve...