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    procedure for an abandoned game

    Quick one guys I abandoned a youth game in the 2nd half today after an injury to a serious injury to a player. I have already fired off an email to the ref secretary with the circumstances, scoreline etc. do I need to send off anything to the FA? if so how? the Whole game system seems to...
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    misconduct report without WGS

    In my game today, a preseason friendly, I sent off a player for S1. As he was leaving he had a few choice words to say so additional misconduct. If I was using the WGS I would do a sending off and an extraordinary report as well. However the teams are not on WGS so I am having to send the old...
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    Cards in youth football

    I also find they are quite petulant about some things for instance if they get tackled and they believe its a foul but the ref doesn't think so and waves it off, you KNOW their next action is revenge. Easy yellow card.
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    2021-22 kit

    sports direct
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    Let it flow, but blow for everything...

    I have never known u16 captains to have any influence on the behaviour of the team mates
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    throw in delivery question

    I've always understood "the moment of delivering the ball" (as per Procedure at Law 15) to the moment the ball 1. leaves the hands and/or 2. it crosses the boundary line But some of the guys on the Facebook post seemed to be implying "delivering" in this case as being different "releasing"...
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    throw in delivery question

    I saw this question posted on an American referee Facebook group. There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in response. May I know what peoples thoughts are on this
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    LOTG 2021-22 (Out in June 2021)

    Is it too late to add my name to the list?
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    what your decision on this?

    What are peoples thoughts and considerations on this clip I took of an America facebook group? what elements are you looking to come to a decision and what decision will you make and any disciplinary action this is the same incident in slow motion
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    Enforced substitution?

    i see a lot of people say referees cannot enforce substitution. and I agree in principle for adult players who have mental capacity. however what if it was youth players. How ill that come reflect on the calculus. In a tight u14 cup final, a player for away team is acquires a leg injury. the...
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    Enforced substitution?

    Minty, what if in your opinion the player doesn't appear to as if they are in a fit state to play but the coach insist they are? wouldn't your safeguarding duties mean you should not allow the said minor player to play? to quote the FA safeguarding guidlines "In football, physical abuse could...
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    Enforced substitution?

    This is a similar scenario to something i saw people arguing on facebook. Scenario: a youth player is injured but his coach won't sub him off. Neither he or I are doctors, but as a referee I judge that he'd be better off ieaving the game. The coach disagrees. Can you insist the player doesn't...
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    Animal abuse during a game

    since all animals legally are seen and property (you cant murder a dog for intance only charge with animal cruelty and criminal damage to property). The lotg as currently written means vc can only be against people (opponents, team mates, match officials, ream officials spectators or any other...
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    Animal abuse during a game

    Sendinf off yes. But the debate i was invloved was whether it was for s2 (vc) or s6 (offinabus)
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    Animal abuse during a game

    I saw this on an American referee facebook page: What action can a referee take (based on the LOTG) if a player brutally throws a dog that had wandered unto the field of play during a game?