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    Red card for a hiding sub

    @QuaverRef - a couple of learning points for you 1. In future, make you the player is aware that you are disclipining him. Best way, get the manager over and say what you are doing. It is safest, as if there is a dispute - he gets the penalty for being the most senior person. 2. Do you know...
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    Improvement of referee

    Not readily available. Some Counties have development groups for the promising referees, at which they have regular training sessions including discussion the LOTG and decisions. Each county will have its own rules about who is eligible. I suspect that most CFA's will have their 20/21...
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    Anthony Taylor to referee the FA cup final!

    It is good to be talking about 2 excellent referees. And other good ones on the promotion route. It is definitely better than late 1990's when Durkin and Riley were the best we could manage.......
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    I suspect that all safeguarding courses are still suspended due to COVID-19. They are face to face courses - details will exist on your county FA website when they are available. To register on courses, you will need a FAN number. Have you arrange one yet...
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    20-21 Season restart

    For friendlies, there tends not to be an organised system for getting referees. Clubs tend to ask themselves, so if you are not here and known to the clubs, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get any matches quickly. As the cubs organise matches, then appoint referees so some clubs...
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    Anthony Taylor to referee the FA cup final!

    Yes, I think this make Taylor the No1 referee in the FA eyes. I think this does mean that Lee Mason won't get a final ever.
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    20-21 Season restart

    I know we are in a "new normal", but the FA won't change something's....
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    20-21 Season restart

    The FA issued guidance last week about getting football going. Looks like early Set will be the probable start date - but interestingly, the FA rules out joint travel for match...
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    Not kicked a ball, not falling apart, not in the same division any more

    @Brian Hamilton - Well, it's going to make your other job harder with all those young referees going to watch Leeds instead of running lines on the new Yorkshire L4 pool. Bribery and threats of violence are going to be need to staff your matches when Leeds at home....
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    English Grassroots Return

    A tweet from North Riding UPDATE | Following this afternoon's Government update we are aware many people will be awaiting a response on football specifically. The @FA are working with the @DCMS & Government, and when the guidance is confirmed we will publish and share with our clubs and...
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    English Grassroots Return

    Yes, the players will be getting expenses. Depending on club could be £50 match or more. Add in coach hire for away games, kit washing, etc, and will have a £20k budget for the season.
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    Man City vs Chelsea

    Title has been changed. Some latitude is allowed in describing clubs, but let not be rude.
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    Referee coming from abroad

    Sorry, but I afraid to say that you won't get your DBS check done until you have a residence in the UK. One of the requirements is for original documents, not downloads from the internet, so you need to have be here to get them. Also, like Rusty has said, it is a requirement of referee...
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    PGMOL branded ipad case - free!

    You have been, I was meant to type 7.5, but the keyboard did not respond to the full stop....:)
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    PGMOL branded ipad case - free!

    I will take it off your hands for a 75 mark next season!