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    Level 4 promotion

    Or don't have good Saturday availability which was my issue first time round
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    Switching it up

    Right short pocket = yellow Left short pocket = yellow + red and spare whistle Shirt right = notebook. And two sharpies Shirt left = red card
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    Laws of the Game Test 6-5

    You can't register without it being in date though.
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    GK 6 seconds caution

    Agree, and I think, we could just about say as well that the spirit of the game does not expect caution for Persistent offside offences.
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    Relocating to the north west

    They are linked to th e leagues I mentioned. you have the Cheshire/Manchester premier leagues (which were step 7 supply leagues a few years ago) and they have a league 1 and 2 under them and reserve sides. You'll find reasonable facilities as well
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    Relocating to the north west

    I'd be looking at the Cheshire or Manchester league as an AR and reffing their reserve and feeder leagues. Possibly looking at the Lancashire leagues as well. That's what I did when based in Warrington which is not too far away and reffed a few sides over Wigan way.
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    Leeds vs Chelsea

    I came here just to make this comment 😅
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    Big Crowds

    Having now broken the 600+ barrier, once as ref and once as AR and possibly higher on Saturday I really relish it. For some reason it sharpens the mind and focus for me. But then things have gone well in those games and I expect the feeling could be different if the game was not going as well...
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    FA Core

    No idea. Age? Competency? Probably the latter 😂
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    FA Core

    Worth getting on if you can. I've never been on the FA core myself so have kind of got to where I am off my own back but I'm aware that I might have had some even better opportunities over my time if I'd have got on.
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    Isthmian League

    You have to pay. Depends if @Big Cat is reffing or not
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    Laws of the Game Test 6-5

    In reality an unqualified ref could be paid to ref a game, they just aren't appointed to by the appointments officer so I am siding with Graeme here in that mandating the lotg test and refusing appointments until complete is not the way forward. I do also agree that any referee worth his salt...
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    GK 6 seconds caution

    This was on "the referee forum" group and I argued that the law does support a persistent offence caution. You aren't cautioning the offence itself, you are cautioning the repeat and persistent nature of the offence. As Graeme says, and very importantly may I add, you do need to be punishing...
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    Liverpool v Tottenham

    No. The law says treatment must be completed quickly. In the back of the book it reccomends 20-25secs from when ready to restart the player still has to leave. Although, very rarely see a player allowed to remain of FOP at top level
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    First Cup Final today

    Saving on batteries 🤣