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    What would you have been doing this week?

    I would've been admiring my leg tan, just above the sock line at the knee and below the short line so about 6 inches in all
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    Dutch Referee Blog - The alternative penalty shootout for football: Attacker Defender Goalkeeper

    Take the goal keeper off, play for 5 mins, if no score take 2 players off then continue to do so every 5 mins until down to 2 each. Entertaining
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    When to show a red card? (Sin bin)

    In my game today, I had cautioned a player for AA. After taking his name, he couldn't help himself but tell me what he thought of me. Yellow shown and off to the sin bin he was going. On his way he turned to applaud me. Shown another yellow and told he couldn't take further part in the game and...
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    Open Age That's just a sin bin right ref?

    I gave a yellow within the fist 10 mins for someone pushing a player over stopping a promising attack. When I shown him the yellow he was incensed stating it's my first foul, adding, it's not a foul
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    Retrospectively thinking you may have made a big mistake after the game

    Are you feeling guilty as a result of the injury? Sounds like you are. You didn't do the tackle however. It's very evident and a shame that when something like this happens, you don't hear players slating the offending player but the referee.
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    First match as AR

    Make sure your signals are strong, nothing worse than weak signals, makes the AR look like he can't be bothered and that he is unsure. Players and officials will pounce on that. Try not to ball watch, being AR can be much more difficult than being in the middle, getting your head around staying...
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    Sin Bins - are you finding they help?

    I’m not sure if it’s working or not as nearly every game so far I’ve done at least 1 sinbin. Not getting them contested and have had 3 reds following the sinbin due to subsequent offinabus. Still getting the 1 gobby player that all teams especially at open age have and despite stepped approach...
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    Second Half of Games

    think of your brain like an iPhone 4 battery. Used to be great but now needs recharging after an hour. A five minute rest thinking of something else is tough but is essential to recharge it. I do a lot of work with teenagers with mental health issues, part of that work is educating them about...
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    Second Half of Games

    In terms of concentration and focus, Your brain needs a number of things to function properly. Oxygen, fuel hydration and rest are essential. Half time, make sure you eat, have a drink, take a lot of deep breaths and try to have a few minutes rest before getting back on it. It’s easy to see the...
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    Just a silly question..

    I have to agree with one on this. I say this from a coaching perspective having coached in junior football for 12 years prior to joining the dark side. Most club coaches just don't like being the assistant ref, they don't move down the line and don't tend to call offsides at under 12's. Having a...
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    Safeguarding Course, why am I paying?

    I subscribe to the DBS update service and this has been accepted by the FA as mine relates to child workforce, so there is a unilateral DBS in place.
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    My first game

    I was taking into consideration that it’s u12 firstly. And I do think it’s important to talk about throw ins at that age because you do find a lot of foul throws. Talking about it pre match helps when you start blowing for foul throws, in my experience of this age. And u12 shouldn’t be swearing...
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    My first game

    I would advise you to arrive 15 mins before KO for U12, no later than 10 mins. Any earlier you'll be standing around. Immediately seek out the coaches/managers, there's usually 2 per team. Shake hands introduce yourself with confidence. Ask them if you can talk to the team, they will get the...
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    Goal keepers and sin bins.

    This was discussed at our local referee meeting, the advice was clear. If the GK is sin-binned, a substitution cannot take place at that point. Outfeild player must replace him, a sub takes place next time there is a stoppage.
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    U13 Abandonment

    You have to protect yourself. You block someone, stand between people even if that's your first instinct, or if you go near the trouble to physically split it up, you are putting yourself at a huge risk. Not just from injury but from allegations against you. You've assaulted a parent, a coach or...