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    Pre season training

    I just leave my car at home and walk/run or cycle to work. I am fortunate that I can do this I know but certainly helps me. I don't need to do any other fitness training. Wouldn't say I'm super fit though but I do push myself to and from work which then makes the matches at weekend a lot easier
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    Jumping the gun

    Sounds like you are feeling guilty for issuing the red card? The players and coaching staff should feel guilty not you IMHO
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    DOGSO Caution

    Yes because it created a clear goal scoring opportunity by taking the free kick so the red isn't warranted
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    Games during close season

    New season starts 1st June as I understand it? I would advise that you renew through the WGS before you do any games.
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    Dropped Ball

    No such thing as a silly question apart form this one. Cheers folks
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    Dropped Ball

    I tried the new rules in a game friendly game on Saturday, incident in the penalty area that meant the game had to be stopped, no foul play just an injury after 3 players came together. Injury dealt with, everyone happy so uncontested drop ball to keeper, all fine and dandy. Apart from the...
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    Anyone want a freebie?

    I'd like that please if still available, not as an observer but as a guide for assistant referees for a pre match talk
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    Sloppy Referee

    Nope, he was certainly different
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    Sloppy Referee

    Had a similar experience couple of weeks ago asked to be assistant at a junior final. Ref didn't chat with any of the assistants pre-match, didn't talk to players or coaches and at kick off, tossed the coin and asked the player 'do you want to chose ends or kick-off'. Set the tone for the match...
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    Single referee calling offside

    If in doubt, I blow for offside and admittedly do so because I tend to get less grief from the players/coaches/parents/tourists when I get that wrong than I do when I allow play to continue when it is offside and I miss it. I find it helps talking to the teams/coaches prior to KO about how...
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    Run Tracker whilst refereeing

    Just remember if using a ticwatch, increase the brightness before you leave home and start the match. Thought I was being down with the kids, match details sent to watch in advance, all ready all I needed to do was tap it to start the match. Got there, tapped it, but then couldn't see a thing as...
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    First Game

    I disallowed a goal where the ball was dancing around the line, did it go in? Did it go in and out? Probably went completely in but my positioning was piss poor and I wasn't 100% so didn't award which made me the most unpopular person on that particular day. Felt guilty and when later in the...
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    Run Tracker whilst refereeing

    I've just installed refsix and use a tic watch, the app looks really impressive, yet to test it though
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    Interesting Referee Comments

    At least I know I'm no longer the worst referee
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    Protocol- Junior football & some other questions!

    are you in the liverpool area?