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    Interesting Referee Comments

    At least I know I'm no longer the worst referee
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    Protocol- Junior football & some other questions!

    are you in the liverpool area?
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    Substitution ball in play

    Hi Zimmyman, firstly, this is exactly the place to vent and to ask questions, keep them coming. I don't ask many on here but have had similar scenarios that others have had and have improved my knowledge and practice following advice on here. I would advise you change your mindset and...
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    Sunday league fun!

    My granddad was a referee and when he reached the age of 60 decided to run 3 miles a day to maintain fitness. Before we knew it he was 70 and we couldn't find him
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    Might be injured...

    I get pain just below my knee and put it down to not being fit enough, not warming up properly and wearing the wrong footwear. I've reduced the number of matches I do each weekend and have put some gel inserts into my boots, this has helped massively. Aim to have a rest once the season is over...
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    Can I make a living from refereeing?

    Referee manager in my area has the belief everyone does it purely for money, I didn’t want to waste my breath convincing him otherwise. I do it for fitness mainly then abuse and long lasting psychological damage. The money I put in a hidden place and will change it for euros when I go on summer...
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    Young Referee abuse

    I'm still very new to this refereeing malarky, still in my first season. Have done around 30 games so far, all junior football, U12 to U18, mainly U15/U16. In 30 games so far, no red cards, 6 yellow cards. But.......3 parents dismissed and 2 coaches dismissed all for the way that they spoken...
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    Misconduct Charge

    The issue here isn't the lack of money at grass roots level though it's the behaviour of 'the old people' on the sidelines.
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    Misconduct Charge

    With my limited experience I would say yes, you have instructed a parent to leave due to misconduct so add a misconduct report on the WGS. I sent a parent off 2 weeks ago and a coach today and both have been added to the match report as misconduct. Presumably, the FA feed this back to the...
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    1st match as a Category 7 Referee

    I wouldn't worry about team sheets in an U14 game, in the 3 junior leagues I ref in, it is not the referees responsibility to check or obtain team sheets so I wouldn't complicate it. I've yet to have a changing room in junior football so a broom cupboard is a bonus! For throw ins did you not...
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    How about a refchat organised holiday to this lovely island where we can appear as guest referees on the rock
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    Too old to take the referee course ???

    I did mine in November at the age of 40 (plus VAT) and I wasn't the oldest there
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    Autistic Player

    Depends where on the spectrum the person is, autism is not one size fits all. Referees would need alsorts of training to not just understand ASD but to also realise how their own words, actions and body language can be interpreted differently. I would prefer to know personally but would like to...
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    Ups and Downs in Football

    Not a big footie fan if I.m honest. Only got involved as my son at the age of 6 wanted to play. After a few weeks the coach suddenly stopped turning up leaving around 30 lads, no equipment to fend for themselves. I just put myself forward along with another dad and ended p coaching 2 teams over...