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    Quick Free Kicks (Delaying Restarts)

    Suggestion: after the coach shouts for a player to "stand on the ball", wait for the next stoppage when you are near enough to ask whether he is willing to pay the fine when his player gets "booked" . . .
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    Red Card Appeal, Advice?

    OK, understood. If you called the referee over to dismiss the offender, you and the referee should both have reported the matter; the referee's report would indicate "My assistant (name) brought to my attention . . ." and yours would describe the incident fully and then state ". . . I...
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    Red Card Appeal, Advice?

    But did you submit a report after the game?
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    Red Card Appeal, Advice?

    Your posts are unclear. You say you didn't submit an initial report, but as the referee acted on advice from you both the referee and you should have submitted separate reports. Appeals will only be considered by the CFA or The FA in cases of mistaken identity or the report being inaccurate in...
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    Level 4 promotion

    That's the deadline for CFA's to send proposals for 5 to 4 to The FA, then as Russell said above it will take several days to collate and communicare. Good luck to all.
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    The IFAB website has a useful section which sets out their full processes in respect of proposed law changes.
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    Level 4 promotion

    Some leagues are just finishing their season, so final marks only now being submitted for FA consideration. See post #6 above re some aspects which will impact.
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    FA Cup

    Your post was headlined about a "two footed tackle" If you are going to penalise a challenge or tackle, you need to start with the LOTG. Has the challenge in question included any of the headings for a d. f. k.? I am not saying yes or no, just sense checking by using Law 12 instead of using...
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    FA Cup

    Are you suggesting that a/every two-footed tackle is a red card offence?
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    Cup Final

    The FA have a guide for this; online, Google away😁 Enjoy the game.
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    Level 4 promotion

    Not guaranteed, but most nominations are accepted - good luck!
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    Utah’s zero-tolerance policy regarding referee abuse

    Neutral is difficult, but one Respect Marshal per team is workable, and happens in my county (one of the largest footballing counties in England) at age groups up to under-14's.
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    League - 9v9 - Fouls - Sinbin - Youth Match

    If you don't get a parent volunteer, your role in the event of unacceptable behaviour by spectators is to approach the home club coach when the ball is out of play, tell them what you see as the issue, and what you want done. If the coach cannot or will not deal with it, you have the facility to...
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    Slide tackles that don’t connect with anything…

    Not correct - kicking or attempting to kick an opponent is a direct free kick (and if the tackler is out of control a card also) Your description indicates an action made to connect, so a direct free kick would be appropriate, and playing the advantage would be risky as there may be retribution...