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Discussion in 'General Refereeing Chat' started by Ashleigh Goodall, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Hi guys,

    I was told by a local league that I was appointed to a cup match for the weekend then they were shocked that I then declared myself unavailable for it as they assumed I'd be good for it. But I never got a notification about a game from full time, which they're saying they are putting on the site and I should get them.

    To explain better, there is a game at 1pm involving a team I regularly do other age groups for.
    I have a u16 at 930, followed by a u17 at 1115. The league put me on the cup match at 1pm based on my earlier games. They send out a spreadsheet for availability in which I mentioned my two games and then declared myself unavailable to the league (there is a reason for this. I had a weekend where I had 3 games already one after each other but forgot to close it to the league and late Friday night I was rung up saying league appointed me to a 4th which I was not aware of). The league called, and emailed, asking me why I was unavailable when they had appointed me and I explained I never got any notification. It's actually not the first time I've never received a notification.

    How can I turn these on?
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    You need to accept emails from Full Time, you will have had a validation email that you've missed, that is very common. You need to get the league to re-validate your email address, that will send you an email, you then need to click on the link in it.
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