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Surprised to have not seen this mentioned anywhere on here yet?

Right decision from ref in my opinion but what would you have done if the gk had said “Ref, I’m desperate for the loo, can I leave the field for 5 minutes please?” I know there is only a few minutes left in this game but, what if it was asked midway through the half?


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This has been done before and think there is a string on this. Most of us are letting him go and adding the time. Per law you need a keeper. If it’s an outfield player give him permission and they play with 10nuntil he’s back.

This is twice recently this has happened to a GK at a public enough level to be in the press. Think there might be some guidance on this coming from ifab to clarify.


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Yes red card was recinded when it happened low level in scotland last season
This did indeed happen in a low level game in Scotland but I'm not so sure that red card was rescinded. Given the publicity that the incident attracted this was discussed at our monthly RA meeting with the instruction coming from the SFA that a red card was correct in such circumstances.

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It was rescinded. Fact. Not up for debate.

Also think about it, how many players, and sometimes am sure yourself as referee, have had to go towards side of park at half time.... you telling me you only red carding him because ball is in play?


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Was the scenario identical in every way?
Given the fact that somebody lodged a police complaint about this one suggests he may have exposed himself in visibility of people. In which case, that's certainly a red card.


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If someone goes over into the bushes etc at half time then I’m not sending them off for that, though my Saturday League has strict instructions that clubs must be reported (to the League) when players are seen not using the toilets in the changing rooms etc. (Locally all adult games have to have changining facilities etc available)

But, a player whipping his chap out either on the pitch or the sidelines in full view of everyone is going to be taking an early shower.