What's happened to SM?


The avuncular one
Sorry for taking such a long time in responding and sorry for disappearing.

Stopped refereeing a little while ago. Became very disillusioned with it all and p*ssed off with the games I was doing. Getting good level games, but just not any fun. Must have done the same team 5 or 6 times in various cups and league games and I had just had enough. Had a moment of clarity and just thought, forget about this, not worth the hassle. Okay, it might have been a total meltdown!

Life since then has been kind of mad. Currently doing a nursing degree whilst continuing to work and it is taking up all my time currently.

I did find though that I missed footie too much and went back did my coaching badges - what a nice change of pace that is! No hassle, no aggro and lucky enough to have a bunch of youngsters who are very talented to work with. :) Loving Saturday mornings again!