Useless or Rigged??

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Maybe I'm foolish, Maybe I'm blind!

I don't like the words 'cheating or match fixing or useless' to be used in a refereeing context but what has one team got to do to get a fair correct decision!!! BTW The commentator walked off air in disgust and didn't return!!!


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I just don't understand the first one, he is directly behind play so can't possibly think that was outside the area. He initially clearly signals a penalty, then changes his mind, all very odd.

I'm not 100% sure on the handball, his hands do go up but it looks to me like it might have hit him on the chest between the arms. Difficult to tell for sure without different angle.


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I also think the ball hit the defender on the chest or just below chest.

On the first incident I think he gave the free kick for a handball outside the area. Not sure if he changed his mind on a penalty for a foul (originally pointing to the penalty spot) or just got himself in a knot thinking the handball was a penalty.


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First decision he was clearly caught out by the counter attack - miles behind play. Keeper's gone through him so he's done well to miss that. Handball out the area? He looks like he's on the line... can't be 100% sure without a closer view.

With the FK, hits his chest. Good decision there.

1/3 correct. Apparently that's a better ratio of correct decisions than me on sunday...:(


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Hardly the first referee to miss/ignore a rugby tackle in the box. Still a better ref than Tom Henning Øvrebø! :D
I still say to this day only one of the penalty shouts was a penalty and it was on Drogba a notorious diver so....
Also people forget Barcelona incorrectly had a player sent off


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To be fair I thought about 2-3 were and I'm (sadly) a Spurs fan. Never a red for abidal though - ref had a mare that night!!