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Not sure what highlights are out there in the UK, but interesting game from a VAR perspective in the CONCACAF Nations Cup final:
  • Mexico goal called back from VAR OS review (no lines used, probably only able to reverse because the two key players were close to the goal area line).
  • In the second extra time period, US awarded a PK for a foul on Pulisic following VAR review and an OFR.
  • A few minutes later, after extended review, Mexico awarded a PK for a handball offense on a ball headed down from close range at a US defender.
Mass confrontation a few minutes later (well into added time) after a foul by Mexico results in a single caution, though it appeared a punch or two was thrown, and there was no apparent delay for VAR to sort things out.

Added time in the second extra time period was about 11 minutes.


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CONCACAF in a single photo - Mexico head coach Tata Martino with his buddy (referee John Pitti) in the RRA during the review for the Pulisic penalty. Once US coach Gregg Berhalter pointed this out, Martino was shown a red card.

EDIT - To clarify, in no way was I trying to say that Pitti was trying to show Mexico any favoritism. My "buddy" comment was just how Tata was draped over Pitti like a drunk friend at a party trying to get someone's attention. There's another photo showing US coach Gregg Berhalter coming over, and he's sharing a laugh with Martino over the situation just as Tata is shown the red card. Both used to coach in MLS, so they have background together.

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One area where I am definitely envious of my European friends is that they have no shortage of referees who can handle competitive continental matches. In CONCACAF, we simply don't have any non-MLS and non-Liga MX who can competently officiate a US-Mexico competitive fixture. Their domestic leagues don't come anywhere close to replicating what occurs during this match, and things inevitably spiral into chaos.

You just can't referee in the Panama or El Salvador domestic league and have any chance of being ready to work a USA-Mexico match.