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Does anyone have an opinion on the late penalty appeal in the Ukraine vs Italy game last night?

Here’s a link to the video on Twitter: https://x.com/viaplaysportsuk/status/1726717306279997720?s=46&t=GfQ8Fi_YHXFpmfA2kWAe9A

Personally for me the angles given on the footage aren’t brilliant. From what I can see there’s definitely some contact, though Mudryk has made the most of it, and from the final angle on the video above appears to jump out the way of the defender. I think either decision is supportable and as on-field decision was no penalty VAR has deemed it a not a C&O error.
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Murdyk.... Comical waste of money
Action and reaction don't marry up for me.... cheating and no pen IMO


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One of those ones where at real time he looked to fling himself, yet one of the camera angles appeared to show contact and if VAR send the ref to the monitor I think it gets given.


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I think it is a foul, but Mudryk's ridiculously exaggerated reaction to it has put doubt in the mind of the referee. If you are tripped the natural reaction is to protect your fall, it isn't to arch your back and throw out your arms as it is then going to hurt more when you hit the ground.

Subjective so once the referee doesn't give it then it certainly isn't one for VAR. Equally though it is far more of a penalty than the one in the England game and that did lead a to a review.