UEFA Referee Kits



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"UEFA requested tenders for new ref kits ......

Macron (plus others you assume) submitted their tenders,

Macron have been awarded the contract.

......Macron are spruiking themselves as "Official UEFA Referee Match Kit Supplier"

...gaps filled.
I think this is another disastrous decision by the SFA, Adidas is the best kit we’ve had for years. Macron stuff looks cheap and poor quality and sizing is much smaller according to their website. This is nearly as bad as the dinsport debacle of 2001!
I'm a fan of these. I've heard some people say that Macron has overbranded the uniforms, but Macron's logo blends well into the uniforms in my opinion. The pink looks really sharp - I wish USSF would make pink one of our colors since it doesn't clash with many other colors.

I would have liked to see light blue or yellow replaced with a lighter gray. Since yellow is a fairly common color, I'd like to see referee kits move away from the yellow as a color. For example, my region has two clubs that wear the neon yellow that's part of the Nike kit. It pretty much takes out our ability to wear yellow and green. But USSF and Official Sports need their money, so we have five shirt colors. In the US, it's common practice that the officials are supposed to change in the event of a color conflict (and if we are really sticklers and don't want to wear the same color as a keeper - I don't worry about this if I'm in the middle unless my assessor wants me to change). Since the Laws say that each goalkeeper must wear a color that is different from the field players and match officials, we are within rights to ask keepers to change. However, that takes money out of kit suppliers' pockets.
Not sure why UEFA didn't just go with Nike, sure they wouldn't fall short of demand the same as Adidas did, though I personally prefer the Adidas plain look where they match the logo with the shirt/shorts colour.

Though if that's what they expect is to wear here next season I'll need to negotiate a brand deal cause I won't be wearing that for free lol


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I don’t mind them but maybe not for the elite competition... I like Adidas and Nike but the sleeves on Adidas look normal unlike the Nike ones which come down to most people’s elbows. Nike have the cleanest design though imo
Not sure why UEFA didn't just go with Nike.
Because I’m sure Macron offered UEFA more money.

I think the Macron kits are better than the current Adidas kit. I do not like the fake black Adidas collar at all. The Nike kits are still the best around. I personally think the Official Sports kits we wear in the US are better than the Adidas ones.
The FAW have just stopped using Macron as their kit supplier (for new referees - they supply a kit as part of the course fee).
The reason provided is their kit costs have gone up - but stories from newly qualified referees was they were waiting weeks for the kit to be supplied.
Hope UEFA or SFA don't need any in a hurry!
From what I understands, Adidas will no longer be making referee kits as they do not wish to be associated with the 'bad image' referees, hence the why the most recent two Adidas kits have not included the three stripes, and the logos have been blacked out, and tucked in where the shirt is tucked in. It appears that Adidas referee kits will be no more!